Delivery Driver AH Online, Amsterdam

Drive around in your box truck, deliver groceries and buy your friends a drink, or save up for a holiday. Because working as a delivery driver for AH Online in Amsterdam, you will receive a nice pay check every week.

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Wat bieden wij?

What do we offer?
A job with quite a few perks: A nice pay check every week: € 12,81 per hour (gross) including ADV surcharge. After working for 13 weeks you will receive your first raise, totalling € 13,42 per hour (gross - including ADV surcharge). You will save up enough for your summer holiday in no time. Irregular hours allowance, travel expenses, vacation days, holiday pay, pension accrual. A lot of freedom: no manager looking over your shoulder, and playing your own music while you drive your box truck.

Wat ga je doen?

What will you be doing?
After loading up your box truck you will hit the road. You will drive through the narrowest streets in Amsterdam, or past the apartment buildings in the Bijlmer. Right on time, you will ring the bell at the correct address. Whether it is a luxurious canal house in the capital or on the fourth floor in Diemen-Zuid. You will deliver groceries right to the kitchen. If there are any empty crates, you bring them back. On to the next customer! The number of hours you work is flexible and can be scheduled each week: from 12 hours a week (minimum) to 32 hours a week (maximum). Whatever you prefer. The morning shift runs from 05:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs. And the evening shift from 13:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs. On average, you will work 6 hour shifts between these times. This will allow you plenty of time to relax on a terrace or have a BBQ in the park.

Wat zoeken we?

What are we looking for?
You absolutely love to drive. You have a valid driving licence B (car). Available for 12 to 32 hours per week. You live within 45 km of the working location (Amsterdam, 1046 PP). Interested? Can you picture yourself working as a delivery driver in Amsterdam for Albert Heijn Online? Apply now! Would you like additional information about the selection process, the salary or do you have any other questions? Then contact the Recruitment team at Consolid: or 020 - 586 11 28. Or check:

  • Dienstverband Fulltime,Parttime
  • Rijbewijzen B
  • Opleidingseisen LBO/MAVO/VMBO Basisonderwijs MBO/HAVO/VWO MBO 1/2 HBO/WO MBO 3/4
  • Locatie Amsterdam
  • Publicatiedatum 10-09-2019


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